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Ventilation and HVAC air duct cleaning equipment
Air filtration
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Equipment and services for air duct cleaning projects.

We offer a professional cleaning equipment for ventilation systems.

We are also very open to new partners, who are interested to enter Ukrainian market.

About us

ALFAVENT Ltd. is the official distributor of the Finnish manufacturer Lifa Air Oy in Ukraine.

Lifa Air company since 1988 specialized in manufacturing professional equipment for cleaning and disinfecting ventilation shafts in all types of premises (office buildings, industrial buildings, houses and cottages).

We are also looking for a new partners in the field of equipment and accessories for cleaning industry.

Main products and services
  • Lifa machines for cleaning ventilation ducts and equipment
  • Lifa 3G Supply air filter to protect the buildings
  • Control system Lifa DuctControl for hygiene ventilation
  • Lifa Dry & Clean Hepa / Gas plant for unichnozheniya microorganisms
  • Lifa AirClean and HepaClean duct cleaning apparatus of low pressure
  • Protective clothing (overalls, masks, filters, etc.) to work with asbestos, the destruction of microorganisms and repair work
  • Vacuum cleaner asbestos / dust
  • KEFA high tech, microporous coatings, such as GrafoTherm antikondensayionnoe coating, BioRid antibacterial and AsbestGuard insulating coating.
  • Alron chemicals, eliminating damage due to fire / smoke, antibacterial materials.